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Bill Skiles, a 32 year veteran of the Marine Corps, dedicated his life to a cause higher than himself, to positively influence others and became focused to transform people’s lives. In 2012, the Commandant of the Marine Corps needed to re-instill the values and ethical behavior, of what each marine is known for, across the entire Marine Corps. He turned to Bill and a team of experts to fulfill this need. A prior DRILL INSTRUCTOR, Bill knows the importance of everyone thinking on the same page and how one smoothly oiled machine can make a difference. One session with Bill will offer your personnel a new perspective, not only on their commitment to the workplace, but how to be significant in their lives.


"Bill Skiles, your presentations are phenomenal and REAL!" This is what he was told numerous times after his presentations on mentoring and diversity. What Bill brings to a company is the ability to relate to every single person, regardless of status or occupation. This company strives on each person being significant in their lives and the ability to make others around you feel the same. COHESION BOOTCAMP was developed to enhance each person’s life. Everyone wants cohesion in their lives and every company needs cohesion among its employees to succeed. It takes just one person to either infect or effect the work environment and through that single person, sub-cultures can be seriously affected. Bill’s message is that family or company cohesion always starts with a single person’s cohesion in their own life. Bill Skiles has a unique ability to present material that you can use NOW! He does not use technology! He teaches by scenarios and demonstrations to help everyone understand the points he brings out. Eye to Eye contact is his method of delivery and he personalizes each portion of these presentations with audience involvement. His experiences over the past 32 years in the Marine Corps and the love of something higher than himself, resonates through his presentations. Through humility and empathy, Bill provides direction in our lives. The sacrifices that Bill has witnessed from our young men and women in service to our country, inspires his presentations.

Laughing and smiling is encouraged!! Bill also brings his own brand of humor to each event. Bill is son of the late, William Al Skiles, of the comedy team of “Skiles and Henderson”, and carries this comedy torch proudly.

WHERE DO WE START? Cohesion Bootcamp focuses on the history and legacy of a company as the source. We then utilize your existing doctrine, philosophies and mission statements to develop a simplistic and applicable culture guide. Everything Cohesion Bootcamp develops must begin with the foundation of your company. We then explore core values, work ethic and the sub-cultures of your company. Lastly, Cohesion Bootcamp can assist with yearly reviews of your employees for more detailed and thorough reporting.


Bill’s history of presentations includes four years delivering cohesion and mentoring presentations to the Department of Defenses, Women’s Leadership Symposiums, teaching ethical behavior and diversity to over 200,000 Marine Corps personnel over a three year span. Developing “true” mentoring briefs and infinite effects it has and the difference between counseling, coaching, teaching, advising, instructing and how they are finite in nature. When Bill is not involved with his company, he enjoys substitute teaching at the various local schools and volunteers to assist law enforcement and their mission to serve and protect. Bill has a wonderful wife of 18 years and two great kids.



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    Bill Skiles, a 32 year veteran of the Marine Corps, dedicated his life to a cause higher than himself.

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    "While we all have our differences, we each have something vital to offer the team." - AMBERLY SACALAS, VP Human Resources, KHS&S Contractors

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