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  Do you consider your company a family? Do your employees? Is everyone working for the same goal? Imagine how much more productive a company would be if everyone believed in each other!

COHESION provides harmony to your work spaces and peace of mind to the boss. BOOT CAMP is a military location where people of all forms of life are thrown together and at the end, come out thinking as one.

WHY COHESION BOOTCAMP? Because everyone wants someone to believe in. We provide guiding thought for people, who are a company’s greatest resource. Reality based break out groups with eye to eye interpersonal contact. Because everyone needs cohesion in their life and every organization relies on unit cohesion to succeed. We focus on leading rather than leadership, ethical behavior vice ethics and how to be a mentor instead of mentoring.

WHAT DO WE BRING INTO YOUR ORGANIZATION? We do not focus on technology in our presentations! Presentations are scenario based and personal. Wisdom and experience vice academia and lectures. We use personal interaction instead of death by power point. We believe in the messenger is more important than the message. Providing stimulating thought of “how” to think vice “what” to think. Preparing people to handle uncertainty in their lives.

WHERE DO WE START? Cohesion Bootcamp focuses on the history and legacy of a company as the source. We then utilize your existing doctrine, philosophies and mission statements to develop a simplistic and applicable culture guide. Everything Cohesion Bootcamp develops must begin with the foundation of your company. We then explore core values, work ethic and the sub-cultures of your company. Lastly, Cohesion Bootcamp can assist with yearly reviews of your employees for more detailed and thorough reporting.

Before we ever open our mouths to assist your company, we must develop something tangible to base it on.


Develop skills for your company's successful future as well as for today. - Contact Bill Skiles and Cohesion BootCamp LLC to get started.


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    Bill Skiles, a 32 year veteran of the Marine Corps, dedicated his life to a cause higher than himself.

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    "While we all have our differences, we each have something vital to offer the team." - AMBERLY SACALAS, VP Human Resources, KHS&S Contractors

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