CRAIG COUCH, KHS&S Employee- “What I personally took from the class foremost was having the opportunity to meet, interact and learn about co-workers I have only met via phone calls or emails or have never met because I am rarely in the office. Second, was the different mindset Bill presented to me on “pulling the trigger”. Sometimes I am so used to the “gun” I use to make quick decisions based on the direction the job is going from my past experiences of similar situations when I’m running condition red. I pull the trigger without stepping back, catching my breath, and looking through the sights one more time in condition green or yellow, making sure I am sending the direction of the task on target. I also am getting more comfortable gaining the mind set of giving people the opportunity to fail and keeping a positive coaching attitude when they need help. I think this is a good investment for the company. Over the years I have been given many opportunities to participate in the similar training seminars like the ROPES classes and S.E.A.L.S. For me personally, I have not experienced the same retention and practical application as I did with the way Bill applies his training.”

AMBERLY SACALAS, VP Human Resources, KHS&S Contractors - “I learned that trust and communication are an important part of the personal and team foundations. Without those things there is very little positive add for the individual or the team. I also learned that while we all have our differences, we each have something vital to offer the team. Lastly, “staying in the yellow” is a key tag line going forward. We are all subjected to red regardless of position and as long as we focus on what we can control, we can manage back to yellow quickly. I believe this was a valuable investment for myself to make with my time as well as for the company to make in me monetarily. There was a lot of self-reflection which I plan to turn into action for myself. I also really enjoyed the sense of team that was created through the activities that we did and time we spent together.”

KIMBERLY CHRISTIAN, KHS&S Employee- “I took so much away from the camp! I could really go on and on about several things, but to narrow it down a little, I think one of the biggest things that struck me personally was the focus and deliberate motion lessons. Having never shot a gun before and being a little scared about the whole thing, I wasn’t sure how I would react when actually doing it; I was very unsure of myself. I kept thinking to myself, “stay calm”, “breathe”, “focus”, all the things that Bill and the other instructors had just gone over with us where in mind, and it worked! I had done something that was out of my comfort zone, something that was bringing me into the red zone, but I didn’t let it get me there. I am so proud of myself for facing my fears, and I actually really enjoyed it! I always thought of myself as a focused and calm person, in rough situations, and for the most part I am, however….now that I think back to a few situations at work and in my personal life, I definitely could have taken a little time to calm myself, and REALLY focused on deliberate motions. I think that if I had done this a little bit better in the past, I could have gotten myself and others through these situations in less time with a lot less anxiety and stress. It feels WAY better to be in Green or even Yellow condition, than it does to be in the Red (“Red Condition” is a waste of time and energy)!! This camp wasn’t just about shooting guns, it was an experience that I will remember forever, and the lessons learned I absolutely plan to continue to put into practice for the rest of my life! I am very grateful and proud that the company I am apart of did invest in this, and in me! Example of “why” above ;)”


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    Bill Skiles, a 32 year veteran of the Marine Corps, dedicated his life to a cause higher than himself.

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    "While we all have our differences, we each have something vital to offer the team." - AMBERLY SACALAS, VP Human Resources, KHS&S Contractors

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