Tactical Leadership Camps ( T.L.C.)




    These camps are training designed to fit the company’s needs and structure. There is not one size fits all mentality. These training sessions is where we take you out of your comfort zone and bring you into ours. We train with muscle memory and tie-in moral memory. Being a multi-decorated combat veteran, a 25 year Marine Corps Sniper and a Double Distinguished Rifle and Pistol Shot, Bill Skiles lifts each employee to new heights of detail and critical thinking through physical and mental drills with weaponry, field skills and tactics. No philosophy here; Bill teaches how to apply these daily in the work space to increase quality communication and reduce wasted motion and time.

  • FOR INFORMATION ON THESE PROGRAMS OR TO RESERVE A DATE Email: william_skiles@aol.com or call 540-993-8803


  • Accomplishments

    Bill Skiles, a 32 year veteran of the Marine Corps, dedicated his life to a cause higher than himself.

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  • Testimonials

    "While we all have our differences, we each have something vital to offer the team." - AMBERLY SACALAS, VP Human Resources, KHS&S Contractors

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